Matthew Miller

Hunter Double Layered "Crushed Paper" Shirt



/This casual open collar shirt has been treated to lend a creased texture, and is finished with a layered double hem.
/Each item is marked with the words "Untitled, Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable", a reference to the clothing as an evolving canvas, and the wearer as a form of chaos.
/Wash your item at 40 on a delicate wash, once removed dry twist the garment to expel as much excess water as possible. Place the twisted garment on a flat surface to dry at room temperature turning if necessary.
/Spray starch may be added to add extra “texture”. Once dry un-twist your garment and enjoy.

    Matthew Miller has a design philosophy that positions fashion as a product, just like ceramics or furniture, balancing simple manufacturing values with an artist’s approach to his craft. Known for his utilitarian approach to design.