Black Dakini Bracelet 46SH

Black Dakini

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Herkimer Diamond Quartz Bracelet
Black Dakini braiding style in strong black nylon thread adjustable in size by braided locking system
Natural Herkimer Diamond Quartz is a clear double pointed extremely clear crystal quartz
The name "Herkimer Diamond" is given by its sparkling clarity combined with the area "Herkimer" where it is mined in the state of New York.
The Herkimer Diamond Quartz is known for a "stone of attunement" can be used to attune oneself or with another person, in an environment, or activity.
Allowing for total relaxation and expansion of life energy. 
Each piece of Black Dakini jewelry is hand made by Danish designer Cecilia Hellner blending Eastern philosophical traditions with the modern look of the West. Application of centuries old braiding technique woven with carefully chosen beads and symbols which are recognized to contain properties which facilitate strength, focus, and support for the person wearing them.